Journey into the Chamber of Musical Curiosities with us

Hosted by Artistic Director Paul Kildea, the Chamber of Musical Curiosities is a podcast exploring the world of chamber music in and around Musica Viva Australia, while also connecting us with the broader arts, culture, community, and artists that make up Australia’s rich creative landscape.

The title of this podcast is inspired by the notion of the sixteenth and seventeenth-century room known as a Wunderkammer - a cabinet of curiosities’. These rooms were filled with ‘exotic’ objects from far-off lands and cultures: marvels like antlers, stuffed birds, and artworks. Chamber music concerts can also be considered a collection of eclectic wonders from home and around the world.

In conversation with Paul Kildea, guests reflect upon creativity, their careers, and their passion for chamber music. This season’s guests include Australian academic and musicologist Malcolm Gillies, violinist Harry Ward, experimental composer, Alice Humphries, and actor and theatre director John Bell.

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Simon Gleeson

Episode 16

In this episode of the podcast, Simon Gleeson takes an introspective look back at his career, from how he was inspired as a 15 year old by Paul Kildea to his successes in the West End.

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Paul Grabowsky

Episode 15

Paul Grabowsky sits down to talk about his upbringing, his life through music and how that journey has left him coming full circle to his current musical project. 

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Celia Craig

Episode 14

Oboist Celia Craig joins Paul Kildea in conversation for this episode of the podcast. The pair go through Celia's musical background, the intricacies of playing the oboe, orchestral life, as well as her experiences as someone with chromesthesia - where sound evokes an involuntary experience of colour.

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Paul McDermott

Episode 13

Welcome back to Season 2 of our podcast. The comedian, actor, writer, director, singer, artist and television personality Paul McDermott joins Paul Kildea to inaugurate the podcast's second season.

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Jennifer Higgie

Episode 12

In episode 12 of the podcast, Artistic Director Paul Kildea is joined by his good friend, the Australian writer, art critic and editor Jennifer Higgie. The pair start by reminiscing about the time they've spent together in London as they go through Jennifer Higgie’s journey from a visual artist in Canberra to the editor of Frieze Magazine to book writer.

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Daryl Buckley

Episode 11

In this episode, Paul Kildea is joined by the artistic director of ELISION ensemble, Daryl Buckley. Daryl goes through the challenges and benefits of maintaining an international ensemble and how that internationalism has enriched their music.

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Kim Williams

Episode 10

Join us on episode 10 of the podcast as Paul Kildea sits down with the composer, executive, musician Kim Williams. Kim goes through the various careers he's had throughout his remarkable life.

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Claire Edwardes

Episode 9

In this instalment of the podcast, Paul Kildea has a lively conversation with percussionist and curator Claire Edwardes. She talks about her love of music from a very young age and how her love of playing music with other people has led her down the path of music curation.

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Nicolas Fleury

Episode 8

In this edition of the podcast, Paul Kildea sits down with French-born, Australian-based French Horn player, Nicolas Fleury. During the episode, the pair discuss some of the most iconic pieces played on the horn. 

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Harry Ward

Episode 7

In episode seven of the podcast, Artistic Director Paul Kildea chats with violinist, composer, and Musica Viva FutureMaker Harry Ward. 

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Alice Humphries

Episode 6

In our sixth instalment of The Chamber of Musical Curiosities podcast, Paul Kildea is joined by contemporary classical, jazz and experimental composer, Alice Humphries.

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Genevieve Lacey

Episode 5

In this episode of the Chamber of Musical Curiosities, Artistic Director Paul Kildea talks with the Australian artist Genevieve Lacey. As he eloquently notes in the introduction, to simply refer to Genevieve as ‘a recorder player, is missing the point’, as she has forged a rich career, with credits as a performer, composer, and curator.

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Jane Caro

Episode 4

In the fourth episode of the podcast social commentator, broadcaster, author and lecturer, Jane Caro and Paul discuss the not so linear path of her career and beginnings in advertising, identifying as an out, loud and proud feminist, miming the flute and dealing with age discrimination.

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John Bell

Episode 3

In the third episode of the Chamber of Musical Curiosities podcast, Paul Kildea is joined by actor, producer, director and author John Bell, known for his influence on the development of Australian theatre through the 20th century.

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Wilma Smith

Episode 2

In the second episode of the podcast, Artistic Director Paul Kildea is in conversation with Musica Viva’s own Artistic Director of Competitions, Wilma Smith. Together they discuss Wilma’s musical journey from New Zealand to the United States, her subsequent studies with the legendary Dorothy DeLay, and the founding of the New Zealand String Quartet.

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Malcolm Gillies

Episode 1

We are thrilled to share the first episode of our podcast, the Chamber of Musical Curiosities, hosted by Artistic Director Paul Kildea. For our first episode, join Musica Viva’s Artistic Director Paul Kildea in conversation with leading Australian academic and musicologist Malcolm Gillies. Paul invites Malcolm to reflect on a range of issues, both contemporary and historical, not limited to the world of chamber music. 

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