Play your part in the future of Musica Viva Australia through a Gift in your Will

What memories do you have of music making a difference?

Perhaps a stirring string quartet or a passionate piano performance? Whatever springs to mind, it’s the joy of music and the way it makes us feel that make us return time and again.

This love of music and appreciation for musicians is why leaving a Gift in your Will to Musica Viva Australia is one of the most significant acts you can carry out in your lifetime. It celebrates passion for music and can enable music for future generations of audiences and artists alike. Such an important contribution brings the performing arts and community together in a shared cultural future for everyone.  A bequest to Musica Viva Australia is a generous investment in the future of Australian music – whether through education programs, world-class concert series or nurturing the artists of tomorrow.

Appreciation for those who have committed to our future

MVA was able to weather the challenges of the global pandemic, while maintaining important programs and ensuring support for the artistic community we are a part of, thanks to the vision of carefully stewarded past legacies. We recognise that the decision to leave a bequest represents an extraordinary level of trust in the work that we do, and feel a deep sense of accountability and gratitude towards those who have taken this step.

Anne Frankenberg
CEO, Musica Viva Australia

Estate management

If you are creating a Will or updating it, we suggest you consult a legal adviser to ensure that your Will is valid and your wishes are expressed correctly. It may be helpful to your legal adviser, State or Public Trustee or Trustee Company to have reference to our suggested wording above when updating your Will. If you do not have a solicitor, you can consult the Law Institute of Victoria to find a solicitor in your area who specialises in Wills and Estates.

We do encourage our supporters who have made a Gift in their Will to let us know. By notifying us of your intentions, we are able to thank you in person, discuss in more detail how your gift might be used to maximum benefit and also invite you to join our supporters' group.

How to make a bequest

There are a few different ways you can include Musica Viva Australia in your will, but we suggest a residual bequest. This option is very easy to arrange and ensure your loved ones are looked after first.

A residual bequest is a gift of whatever is left of your estate, or percentage of it, after all your other gifts, taxes and debts have been allocated. This allows you to decide exactly how much of your estate you wish to leave to your family and loved ones with the remaining portion allocated to support MVA.

It means that even if your financial circumstance change, you will still leave the proportions you intended. By dividing your gift by percentages, you can be confident it will retain its value over time.

It’s important to use the correct wording and legal names when making a Gift in your Will to ensure that it can be used as you intended. Musica Viva Australia recommends the following wording for your nominated gift though your solicitor will be able to offer you more advice and assist you in preparing the document:

“I give to Musica Viva Australia for its general purposes (indicate percentage, amount, item or property) and declare that the receipt of the Company Secretary at the time shall be sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty”.

Legal Name
Musica Viva Australia
ACN 000 111 848
ABN 94 504 497 655
Address 757 Elizabeth St, Zetland NSW 2017


If you’d like to have a confidential discussion about leaving a musical legacy, please contact Zoe Cobden-Jewitt, Director of Development or (02) 8394 6616.